Apostolic Faith

Paul had great revelation of the subject of faith, as all true apostles do. One can find many references to the nature and function of faith in his writings, truths that continually need to be fed to believers who are called to “live by faith”. According to Psalm 46:4, “There is a river, the streams thereof make glad the city of God”, indicating that the spiritual river of revelation has many streams of truth running in it. A restoration movement such as the “apostolic reformation” will lead people to drink from all the streams, not giving more emphasis to one truth over another. All truth must be incarnated in the last days people who will cover the earth with the Glory of God when we have come to the “fullness of the measure of the stature of Christ”.

Faith will be one of the three main characteristics of the mature believer according to 1 Corinthians 13:13, “Three things will last forever; faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these is love”. NLT

Faith is the hardest of the three to maintain as Paul seems to indicate when he told Timothy to “Fight the good fight of faith”, 1 Tim.6:12. The enemy knows that “Faith is the victory that overcomes the world”, therefore he targets faith as his greatest enemy and seeks to destroy it in the life of a believer. If today’s apostolic people are to mirror those we read about in the Bible, they will need to feed their faith, defend their faith, exercise their faith and share their faith. Faith is easily challenged by satan because of our dualistic nature as both physical and spiritual beings who have contact with both realms at the same time. Paul reminds us in 2 Corinthians 4:18 that we remain strong in faith while we “look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are unseen”. Faith has its focus on that which “has not yet been revealed to the five senses”, Hebrews 11:1 Amp. Faith sees and knows things in advance and walks accordingly as did Abraham, the Father of Faith, “who spoke on nonexistent things as though they already existed”, Romans 4:17-20. The true “apostolic faith” is that faith which walks in the “steps of Abraham’s faith” and “calls those things which be not as though they were”. Today’s believer is not walking in true apostolic faith until they have reached this point in their understanding of the nature and function of faith.

My experience as a follower of Christ, and a Christian leader has taught me that the main function of those who teach and preach the Word of God is to school people into “faith”. Jesus “looked for faith”, “affirmed faith”, and “rewarded faith” in the lives of people. Even Paul at Lystra noted that the crippled man, “had faith to be healed”, Acts 14:8-10. Jesus was an expert in the “faith realm”, Paul was seeking to become whatever Jesus was, and so should we. It is easy to become an “unbelieving believer” as one Christian writer commented, when we are “hearers of the word and not doers”, James 1:22-24. Doing the word means we “walk by faith and not by sight, calling things which be not as thought they were, looking at things which are not yet revealed to the five senses”. Those who are discipled by apostolic ministry will be strong in the message of faith, and will do great exploits of faith for the Glory of God.


It Takes A Son

It takes a ason PicSonship is a present truth topic in the Body of Christ since the restoration of spiritual fathers coming first in recent years. God promised to restore His Family in Malachi 4:5-6 by “turning the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers.” Notice it was the fathers who were prepared first by the power of an Elijah Anointing, followed by the children (Elisha’s) whose hearts were then turned and ready for spiritual parenting. The goal of family restoration is that the Father’s Heart of Love may be known by all as mature sons are manifested in the earth. Creation is groaning for those who can manifest the Father’s Love to every creature. Mature sonship happens in the spiritual, parallel to the natural; babyhood, childhood and manhood. When we begin a walk with spiritual parents we enter the babyhood stage of serving.


“He that delicately brings up his servant from a child shall have him become his son at the length.” Proverbs 29:21 KJV

Scripture teaches a transition from servanthood to sonship where the testing of character and motives are revealed in the light of God’s love. When Elijah “cast his mantle” upon Elisha as a sign that the young man was being called into a spiritual parenting relationship, Elisha began walking together with Elijah as a protégé who would learn servanthood first, not claiming equality with his spiritual father.

“Then he arose, and went after Elijah, and ministered (served) unto him.”  1 Kings 19:21KJV

Serving is vital because it requires humility as our character is formed into the image of Christ. New protégés often need freedom from an orphan/independent spirit that seeks to promote itself in the eyes of spiritual leadership rather than take the place of a servant who is learning to be faithful “in that which is another man’s” (vision and calling) and wait for promotion to come from above. All those who have entered a spiritual parenting relationship will indeed begin as a servant where faithfulness is proven. Even if we enter a spiritual parenting relationship later in life after having ministry experience, we still begin at the servant level in another man’s vision  and calling. Speaking of Timothy’s qualifications, Paul said:

“But ye know the proof of him, that, as a son with the father, he hath served with me in the gospel.” (Philippians 2:22 KJV) Mature sonship is always characterized by servanthood as it takes a son to serve a father.


This is the childhood stage of our relationship where we begin to have some “intimacy” with our spiritual parents in the Lord. We are secure enough to start letting them “seeintome” (intimacy means see into me) as we can see into their hearts as well. This is where healing and trust begin to happen in the relationship and we actually start believing in the love someone else has for us. Trust is based upon love, and this is the goal of the relationship. Being healed of insecurities makes my relationship with the Heavenly Father more intimate and full of faith. God the Father uses our spiritual parenting relationships with those who have the Father’s heart of love to bring healing and restoration to our lives.

Jesus had this kind of intimacy with his Father; he could see his Father’s heart of love and imitate it. When we are born again we begin this walk with our Heavenly Father as sons and daughters who have all rights and privileges of being in the Family. However, we still need to grow to maturity in character, which is love. My first Pastor told me, “the true barometer of spirituality is love.” In the New Birth we have been introduced to the Father, then we become intimate with the Father, afterwards we can imitate the Father.

“No man has seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared (revealed) him.” John 1:18 KJV

“If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” John 14:9 KJV

Hebrews tells us that God has spoken to us in these last days by His Son. The message of the Son was to reveal the Father, only a son who knows the Father intimately, having seen the Father’s heart, can reveal Him to His creation. The prophets of old revealed the separate revelations they received of their Covenant God as His servants, but it takes a son to reveal the Father.


This is the manhood stage of Christlikeness that results from a healthy spiritual parenting relationship where insecurity, rejection, and fears have been dealt with and we are able to “give and receive love” as God intends. Someone said, “Your greatest problem in life is whatever hinders you from giving and receiving God”s Love.” Jesus said “the Father seeks such that worship Him in spirit and truth” (John 4:24). Jesus as a son, knew what the Father “seeks” from relationship with His children. He seeks true worship which is more than singing, praising, and soaking in The Presence. True worship can only be done by mature sons because true worship is a representative lifestyle where we can say as Jesus did, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” When we are immature, still loaded with orphan/independent issues, we will often misrepresent the Father because we are not yet able to “give and receive love freely” as the Lord Jesus did in his earthly walk. It takes a mature son to show a father. When we have come into mature sonship, we “know even as we are known” (1 Corinthians 13:12). We no longer have a partial understanding of God’s love but a complete understanding, we have become “perfect (complete) in love” as 1 John 4:17-20 declares.

“Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgement: because as he is, so are we in this world. There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear; because fear hath torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love. We love him, because he first loved us. If a man say, I love God, and hate his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen. And this commandment have we from him, that he who loves God loves his brother also.”

This verse describes the maturity of relationship in the Family of God that is presently being restored to the Church by the Elijah Anointing.


Watch this message to learn more about the Elijah Anointing here or visit rfiusa.org

Developing The Faith Of A Champion

19287057 - hand holding a winner s medal, success in competitions

“And David said to Saul, Let no man’s heart fail because of him; thy servant will go and fight this Philistine.” 1 Samuel 17:32

Young David went to face the “champion of the Philistines”. As the unofficial champion of Almighty God, he had a champion faith which enabled him to take out his adversary.

You and I will need that kind of champion faith in these last days as well. This is be- cause Jesus said in Luke 21:26 “…men’s hearts will fail them for fear of those things they see coming on the earth…”

Think about David as he looked at all of Saul’s army hiding in the trenches, shivering with fear because of Goliath’s roar of blasphemy. He wasn’t overcome because everyone else was, but on the contrary, their cowardice made him angry and more determined to destroy the enemy whom he knew was already a defeated foe.

“And all men of Israel, when they saw the man, fled from him, and were sore afraid.” “And David spake to the men that stood by him saying,’ What shall be done to the man that kills this Philistine and takes away the reproach from Israel?’” I Samuel 17:24, 26

David had one thing on his mind and that was the fact that this was not just his enemy, but Goliath was defying Almighty God and therefore in deep trouble. David knew that God would need someone to use executing vengeance upon His enemy, so he stepped up to the plate and said it might as well be me.

Praise the Lord! We should remember that our enemies are God’s enemies because we have a covenant with God. He will defeat them by using one of us as HIS CHAMPION, just like He did with Jesus when He walked this earth.

Jesus was God’s Champion, who through the Holy Ghost, defeated every enemy he faced which was threatening the future of the people of God (Acts 10:38).

You can defeat that which stands in opposition to God’s plan for your life! 

What are some of the steps we can learn from David that will help us develop this championship faith as well? What made David different from all the rest of his contemporaries that brought him to his great destiny in God?

First we should know that David was a youth, a mere boy of about 15 years. This tells me that David didn’t wait until he was an adult to get to know God. David was not a time waster when it came to his spiritual life.

During those early years while herding his father’s sheep, he developed qualities that enabled him to step up to the plate when his opportunity for advancement came.

Many people are unprepared for the day of opportunity because they have wasted so much time after becoming a believer. Instead of pressing in while a spiritual youth through prayer, fasting, and study of God’s Word, many have allowed the cares of life and an unbiblical value system to rob them of time needed for preparing themselves for God’s plan in the future.

God is preparing you for the day of battle, because the day of battle is also the day of advancement! Don’t forget that after this battle (David vs. Goliath) A NOBODY BECAME A SOMEBODY.

Did you ever wonder why you have had the seemingly tough training during your formative years as a Christian? This could be the reason; Satan will be there to defy you when it is time for promotion. You will not get to your destiny without defeating the Goliath that stands in your way. You will need Championship faith in that hour.

What four qualities did David develop that enabled him to win his big battle and breakthrough to destiny?

  1. He was faithful in his father’s house.
  2. He had a tender heart of worship.
  3. He understood covenant concepts.
  4. He understood faith principles.

Faithful In The Father’s House

David was tending his father’s sheep. He learned to be faithful in the house of his father.

Submission and obedience are implied in this message. We see David being faithful to duty at this time in his life. He was obeying the assignment his father had given him; to watch the sheep and to take lunch to his brothers on the battle front.

It is important that believers learn to be faithful to duties in the local church right away and develop the ability to stay under authority and do a good job while there.

Many people downplay this important part of preparation and roam about looking for opportunity that never comes.

A Tender Heart Of Worship

He was called the “sweet singer of Israel” because he developed intimacy with God while tending the sheep. He learned to draw near to God through praise and worship allowing his heart to become tender to God. This tenderheartedness is what caused him to be so grieved when he sinned, and to immediately seek restoration with the Lord.

Many today have no grief over their sin, but continue in hardheartedness and denial of their wrongdoing. A tenderhearted worshipper cannot stay out of fellowship with God for long, but will repent and seek God’s presence.

Covenant Concepts

David also learned the key of covenant relationship while a youth. He understood that Goliath was an uncircumcised Philistine.

Circumcision was the entrance to covenant in Israel. No uncircumcised person could partake of the covenant blessings of God promised to the people. God is cutting away the flesh that hinders us from entering covenant with others that have been placed in our lives for further maturity and impartation.

Have you allowed circumcision in your life at the hand of a skilled workman who takes the sword of the spirit delicately to those areas that need cut away?

He Understood Faith Principles

Lastly, David learned to speak the Word in faith when he faced the enemy. He said, “The Lord delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, and HE WILL DELIVER ME out of the hand of this Philistine.”“So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and with a stone, and smote the Philistine, and slew him. And there was no sword in the hand of David.” I Sam. 17:37, 50 But there was a SWORD IN HIS MOUTH!

When we have learned these four indispensable traits, we will be ready to both defeat our adversary and move into promotion.

Dr. John Polis

The Kings Are Coming

The Kingly Anointing

The_Kings_Are_Coming_Book_1024x1024“…which He will bring about at the proper time—He who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords…”

1 Timothy 6:15 NAB

Most Christians know that the “King” is coming, but did you know the Bible says there are “kings” coming too? Most of the time, when Christian think about Jesus being the “Kings of kings and Lord of lords,” they’re thinking about Jesus ruling over the natural kings of the earth. But I believe there’s also an inference to the “spiritual” kings of the earth in this scripture as well.

To receive greater insight in the “Kingly” anointing, we have to understand that Jesus is King over both the spiritual and natural domains (John 18:33, 36-37). In Psalm 47:2-3, the Psalmist writes, “For the LORD Most High is awesome; He is a great King over all the earth. He will subdue the peoples under us, and the nations under our feet” In Psalm 10:16, we read, “The Lord is King forever and ever; nations have perished from His land.” There are many other verses of scripture which talk about Jesus being King. Right now, I believe God is raising up “kings” in the spiritual domain who will one day rule with Jesus in the natural domain (2 Timothy 2:12; Revelation 2:25-27; 3:21; 20:6). Praise God! I want to be one of God’s kings, don’t you?

God Wants To Take Us Into Something Better!

In Revelation 1:5-6, John writes:

“Unto Him who loved us. Washed us in His own blood, and made us kings and priests unto God forever.”

Here we see that Jesus did three things for us; He loved us, He washed us in His own blood, and he made us kings and priests unto God forever. In other words, He took us out of something to bring us into something even better!

The Anointings of Prophet, Priest and King

In the Old Testament, there were three predominant anointings which operated in the earth: prophet, priest and king. Theses three anointings have not passed away; there’re still operating in the New Testament Church today. They’re available to the Body of Christ corporately as well as to each believer individually. Before we move into exploring the depths of the “Kingly” anointing, let’s look briefly at the comparative characteristics of the prophetic, priestly and kingly anointings in relation to their present-day roles and functions.

The “Prophetic” Anointing

First off, the Church has been moving in various degrees of the “prophetic” anointing since the day of Pentecost (Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17-18). The prophetic anointing is made up of three gifts which are referred to by many as the “vocal” gifts. According to the apostle Paul, there are a total of nine gifts given by the holy spirit which supernaturally empower a believer for Christian service (1 Corinthians 12:7-11). These nine gifts are generally divided into three separate groups of three gifts each: the “vocal” gifts, the “revelation” gifts and the “power” gifts. I believe the God’s “vocal” gifts; which are made up of the gift of prophecy, the gift of diverse kinds of tongues and the gift of interpretation of tongues; embody the full expression of the prophetic anointing within the Church. The prophetic anointing is the first anointing all Christian experience when they are baptized in the Holy Spirit. In the book of Acts, we find that the ongoing experience of the baptism in the Holy Spirit is always accompanied by one of these three “vocal gifts (See: Acts 2:1-4, 17-18; 10:44-46; 19:6).

During the decade of the 1980s, God began to emphasize the prophetic anointing to the Church in a fresh and powerful way. In the 80s, our understanding of the prophetic office was restored, the preaching prophets came on the scene, and the Church began to move into deeper realms of prophetic operation.

The “Priestly” Anointing

We know that the “priestly” anointing is still in operation today because the apostle Peter tells us in 1 Peter 2:9 that God has raised up the Church to be, “a nation of holy priests.”

Through the redemptive work of Christ on the cross, each believer now has the privilege of ministering to the Lord daily and bringing “spiritual” sacrifices of worship and praise before the throne of God. Each believer also has the privilege of “standing in the gap” and offering up intercessions and prayers on behalf of this lost nd dying world. These are “priestly” functions. Those who operate in the “priestly” anointing are characterized by the three “revelation” gifts mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10: the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge and the gift of discerning of spirits.

Like the prophetic anointing, the priestly anointing has been operating in the Church since the day of Pentecost, but it has also enjoyed a time of renewed emphasis during the decades of the 1980s and 1990s. During this time period, intercessory prayer conferences began to spring up around the world, revelation knowledge began to flow like a river to God’s people, and a powerful new wave of praise and worship music began to “crest” in the Church.

The “Kingly” Anointing

I believe the “kingly” anointing is just now being restored to the Church. As we already saw in Revelation 1:6, God has made us “kings” before Him forever! I believe those walking in the kingly anointing will be marked by the three “power” gifts mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12:9-10: the gift of faith, the gifts of healings, and the working of miracles. In chapter four, we will cover this aspect of the “kingly” anointing in greater detail.

Progressing Into Increasing Dimensions

In the Kingdom of God there’s a principle of progressive increase, “First the blade, then the corn, then the full corn in the ear…” (Mark4:28). This principle is taught throughout scripture, The Bible says we bear fruit, god prunes what we bring forth, and then we are able to bring forth more fruit. Finally, as God’s “prunings” continue and we allow the Word of God to continue to abide in us, we bring forth much fruit (John 15:2-8). So there’s  a principle of growth described in the Word of God; we move from childhood, to adolescence, to adulthood (1 John 2:12-13). Growth in God’s Kingdom always progresses in an order of increasing succession.

This same principle is true in the spiritual realm. The prophet Ezekiel spoke about moving into “the river of God” from the ankles, to the knees, to the loins; and then finally; God’s presence becomes a river that no man can cross over (Ezekiel 47:3-5). I believe the anointings of prophet, priest, and king advance in this same order. On the day of Pentecost, when the believers were first filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues and prophesied, they stepped into God’s river only “ankle” deep. When the Church progressed further and moved into the “priestly” anointing of intercession and ministry unto the Lord, they moved into the river only “knee” deep. The final dimension is the “Kingly” anointing. The early apostles moved into the kingly anointing in a powerful way, but the brightness of this anointing was virtually extinguished by organized religion during the “Dark Ages.”

I believe God is restoring this important anointing to the Church rights now. In the 80s and 90s, the Church moved back into the water up to our “ankles” and then up to our “knees,” but now we’re going to move in up to our “waist!” In this next move of God, people who have been faithful with little, will be entrusted with much! It’s God’s principle of growth and progression—we don’t start out in deep water, we start out ankle deep! We move from one degree of glory to another—we increase with the increase of God, “here a little and there a little,” just as bible teaches (2 Corinthians 3:18; Isaiah 28:10).

Before Jesus returns I believe there’s going to be an abundance of anointed “kings” reigning in the spiritual power on the earth! There will be many who have moved into a “kingly” dimension of life and ministry within their God-ordained spheres of appointment. Just as we’ve had prophets and priests, soon we’re going to have kings—hallelujah! M
ay you and I reign as kings for His glory!

We Are Called To Reign As Kings In This Life!

In Romans 5:17, Paul writes, “For if by the transgression of the one, death reigned through the one, much more those who receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.”

Jesus has called us to reign in life as “kings” through the abundance of His grace and by His free gift of righteousness! In light of the present condition of the Church, I believe it’s going to take an abundance of grace for God’s people to learn how to reign in this life as “kings.” Before we can be entrusted to sit with Jesus on His throne and reign with him in power over the nations after His return, (Revelation 2:26; 3:21; 20:4,6; 22:3-5), we are going to have to first receive His abundant grace and learn how to reign with Him as kings spiritually—in this life! (Revelation 1:6; Romans 5:17; 1 Corinthians 4:8; 2 Timothy 2:12)

Dr. John Polis
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