Apostolic Prayer

“And they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine, breaking of bread, fellowship and prayers”, Acts 2:42. It appears from this verse that the apostolic people of the first century held to four important values that perpetuated their individual and corporate spiritual health and increase.

Teaching of the Word. They were steadfast students of the apostles teaching which included the revelation acquired firsthand under the ministry of Jesus Christ during the earthly ministry.

Breaking of Bread. The new family enjoyed much time together in homes sharing meals and building relationships with all the new additions to the House of God.

Fellowship. The word “koinonia” implies a partnership in and communion of common interests and values. This involves learning, praying, worshiping and working together to fulfill the mission of the church.

Prayers. This is the capstone of all the rest, “My house shall be called a house of prayer”. It is clear that the apostles were leaders of a prayer movement first and foremost. True apostolic ministry will always bring a restoration of prayer to the House of God, because apostles are primarily prayer warriors themselves. Some of what we call revivals are not really revivals at all because they don’t involve the masses involved in prayer, but crowds coming to drink from the results of other people’s prayers. The end result is a temporary blessing but not lasting life changes. Maybe we have lost the picture of what a real revival is, it could look like the upper room where all the people were involved in heavy praying which changed their lives to the degree that they become a living witness for Christ. Our modern day idea of revival is often a spectator event where people are coming to see the latest phenomenon, or hear the hottest new preacher, but few people are really being changed for eternity and becoming a living epistle known and read of men.

Some twenty weeks ago, a spontaneous outbreak of revival prayer broke out in our ministry, characterized by deep” groaning which cannot be uttered”. This prayer spirit has gripped the hearts of hundreds of people in various venues where a tangible impartation is received by prayers that takes them beyond tongues. This is occurring in every prayer meeting no matter the location as soon as hands are laid on people, or they receive the microphone to pray. It is obvious that God is training a new generation of prayers by instantly making them a spiritual womb pregnant with the burden of the Lord. The group most influenced by this move are the 20-35 year olds, male and female alike who are catching this wave of the Spirit. Prayer meetings are being conducted every Tuesday and Friday night for the last twenty weeks with the same manifestations taking place. But this is more than manifestations, it is producing life change in every person who is partaking, and whole churches are being affected by it. This impartation was given as a result of a decision we made to move prayer back to the sanctuary on Sunday and Wednesdays for fifteen minutes prior to opening the service. Whereas, intercession usually is relegated to the prayer room where the average believer never sees what real prayer looks like. We close the sanctuary doors fifteen minutes early and turn the sanctuary into a prayer school where I (Sr. Apostle) lead the meeting and release that powerful anointing. Visitors either remain in the foyer or come in and join us as they hear what is happening. Some folks asked, “What if we scare the visitors away”, to which I replied, “They will have to see God in action sometime, it might as well be on the first visit”. To the contrary, the number attending the pre-service prayer school has grown each week, including first time visitors who are hungry for God in their lives. We than move directly into Praise/Worship because the whole group is already on fire. After the third week of bringing prayer back “center stage” and open to the public before each service, pulling out all the stops on the Holy Ghost, God said, “I’m going to honor you for this”. That is when the fire fell and has continued to present in every meeting, we are truly becoming a “house of prayer”. When God said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer”, He meant that prayer would be the main characteristic of the place where He abides. When this has occurred, we will have seen a true restoration in the Church and all the people will be in revival, they won’t be attending a revival meeting, they will be the revival meeting. May this great restoration of apostolic prayer continue until Jesus Comes!